Ditch The Mitt

As a female-led business, we try to show love and support to the women surrounding us wherever and whenever we can. Female empowerment is, at its very least – empowering! The ‘Ditch The Mitt’ campaign helped women who experienced BRCA and cancer-related breast surgery.

The Tan Brush’s strapline is ‘FeelGoodNaked’, and if there is one time in a woman’s life when it can be difficult to FeelGoodNaked, it’s after major breast surgery.

What is BRCA?

BRCA stands for BReast CAncer gene. BRCA1 and BRCA2 are two genes we all have; they act as tumor suppressors and help us fight cancer, mainly breast and ovarian, but there are other cancers to be aware of, including melanoma, prostate and pancreatic. Sometimes a change or mutation occurs in the BRCA genes that can prevent them from working correctly, increasing the risk of developing cancer for both men and women.

There is a 50% chance of inheriting this mutation from a parent who carries it, and it was best described to us as – an upside-down letter within a word on a page within a book on the shelf of a vast library.

Scientists have pinpointed these mutations and can accurately calculate risk, offering an opportunity for female BRCA carriers to have risk-reducing surgeries to sidestep these terrible diseases. This is a courageous decision for a woman who isn’t sick to make. Women may feel overwhelmed. it’s a double-edged sword – they feel grateful for the knowledge and relief as they sidestep breast and ovarian cancer, but they do have to go through an ordeal.

#FeelGoodNaked #BreakTheTaboo #BRCAandBreastCancer

The Tan Brush Team feel passionately about BRCA and Breast Cancer and wish to raise awareness. We hope to encourage women to consider their family history and ask questions. 

During this sensitive post-surgery recovery, support from the appropriate bra is crucial. It should be the most comforting, easy to wear garment possible.

Ciara Donlon founded THEYA Healthcare. After several years at the helm of a  successful lingerie retail business. Breast cancer survivors regularly came to the shop looking for post-surgery bras, and she was unable to find a sustainable product that met their needs. This led her to form Theya Healthcare, which designs and manufacturers patented post-operative bamboo garments clinically proven to heal and aid recovery.

We greatly admire what Ciara and her team have created and how they have listened to and responded to women at vulnerable and sensitive times in their lives. We also wish to support these women in whatever way we can.

The ‘Ditch The Mitt’ Campaign.

Our summer 2023 ‘DitchTheMitt’ Campaign will commence on Thursday 18th of May and the winner will be drawn live on Instagram on Thursday 24th August at noon.

We will donated £1 for every mitt ditched. When we reached our target, we will gift a THEYA Healthcare post surgery bra along with Luxury Tan Brush Gift Set to women who experienced breast surgery.

It takes a while to recover physically and mentally from significant breast surgery. It takes time before patients wish to look in a mirror; never mind, feel good about what they see. So this small gesture is our way of saying It’ll be all right; you will recover and FeelGoodNaked again.

In return for ditching a mitt, the ditchers will have their name included on the gift card accompanying the gift boxes. They also received a FREE ENTRY INTO A GRAND PRIZE DRAW FOR A PRIZE WORTH £3000, in conjunction with our wonderful participants. They also have a chance to win Tan Brushes, or Cleansers, or Travel Bags.

The Ditch The Mitt 2022 winner of our incredible Santorini Holiday in conjunction with Oasis Travel was Amanda Magill from Belfast. Congratulations Amanda and thank you to all who supported our campaign, We had lots of fun along the way and your support meant a lot to us. We hope to surpass last years target and provide more women with support.

#FeelGoodNaked #BreakTheTaboo #BRCAandBreastCancer