The Tan Brush

Feel Good Naked

The Tan Brush® is the world’s first body tanning brush that will change self-tanning application for good.

Specifically designed to eliminate all uneven application and streaking, the best of luxury tanning is now accessible to everyone. To keep the brush in optimum condition, we have also created a cruelty-free, gluten-free, fragrance-free, and vegan friendly cleanser. We challenge the ‘mitt’ with our modern vision to tanning at home, helping you to achieve the best possible results with your favorite tanning product and take you on a journey to feeling good naked.

The Tan Brush

The deluxe Tan Brush is designed specifically for sunless tanning to use with your favourite lotion, cream, oil or mousse. The compacted bristles glide over curves and creases for picture-perfect skin. Use the brush to buff products into your skin, avoiding streaks, patches and uneven coverage on hands and feet.

Effortless, feel good, flawless tanning.

The Tan Brush Cleanser

The Tan Brush Cleanser thoroughly cleanses and removes tanning product residue build-up and keeps the Tan Brush hairs in optimal condition. Cleanse the Tan Brush after every use to ensure the highest level of hygiene. Vegan friendly, cruelty free, gluten, perfume and fragrance free.

The Tan Brush Microfiber Cloth is super absorbent and made to trap residual tanning products and other particles without leaving any lint on The Tan Brush.

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